If you're looking for a trustworthy company to transform your concrete garage floor near you in, Columbus Ohio, then look no further! Luxury Concrete Coatings specializes in a full range of decorative concrete coatings, epoxy, concrete staining and  cabinet options for your garage. Luxury Concrete Coatings can completely transform your boring garage into a fantastic living or working space. We use epoxy and decorative concrete coatings to make your garage concrete floor look like wood, marble, slate, granite, brick, and more.

Garage floors take a lot of abuse from the falling of heavy objects, the scraping of equipment, and the spilling of chemicals. Luxury Concrete Coatings offers an Epoxy flooring installer in, Columbus Ohio consumers industrial-grade epoxy coatings for their garage. We provide many options for your garage to look its best, from simple one-color epoxy floor paint, epoxy chip or flake floors, metallic epoxy floor that looks like marble, and many more.

We are passionate about resurfacing garages. Their primary goal is customer satisfaction. Luxury Concrete Coatings expertly installs residential, commercial and industrial coatings; they have solutions for even the ugliest concrete slabs.

With our versatile garage flooring, it is no longer necessary for expensive tear-out and replacement of concrete. In addition to being epoxy and coatings experts, they are also concrete repair specialists. Luxury Concrete Coatings uses advanced repair techniques and high-quality repair products to fix concrete floors no matter how deteriorated.


Luxury Concrete Coating focuses on PROTECTINGREPAIRING and DESIGNING concrete. 


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